KCRC will be hosting Deakin University’s exams between the 12 -21 February. During this time it can get quite busy, ensure you allow additional time to find parking or walk/catch public transport.


To help get you going for 2020, we have an offer that’s too good to miss out on.

Sign up now and enjoy your first 5 weeks with us for $50 (and don’t pay a joining fee!).
At the Kensington Community Recreation Centre we have the programs, facilities and staff to ensure that you meet your goals and get to enjoy the benefits of being physically active.
Whether you want to work out in the gym, participate in one of our many group fitness classes or get your heart rate up with our cardio equipment, we will be with you every step of the way.
When you sign up at Kensington, we care about your health and wellness and we want to see you succeed. Our memberships include:

  • An initial appointment with a personal trainer to talk about your goals and exercise experience.
  • A tailored program and session with a personal trainer who will show you how to do each exercise.
  • Ongoing appointments to keep you motivated and on track.

*Terms and conditions apply