Kensington Community and Recreation Centre has a range of sporting facilities for hire including a stadium that can facilitate netball, basketball and indoor soccer.

Our space allows for a variety of programs and activities to take place and is also available for hire. 

Stadium court availabilities for casual play are updated every morning at 3am, please contact us by phone to enquire

View the stadium hire prices.

Read our facility hire terms and conditions and fill out the form below to enquire about hiring our spaces

  • Casual Facility Hire Terms and Conditions (please read and accept before booking)
    Download the Facility Hire Terms & Conditions


    All hirers must have completed and signed this ‘Facility Hire Agreement’ to secure their booking. 
    Sub-letting of bookings will not be permitted. 
    The YMCA reserves the right to reject or alter any bookings in order to maximise the goals and objectives of the organisation.
    Bookings must not exceed 1am in time (including cleaning)


    These terms and conditions relate to all areas and rooms inside the Kensington Community Recreation Areas and close surrounding areas

    • Areas around the entrances and exits
    • Skate Park
    • Kensington Community Recreation Centre and Pool
    • Parking areas relating to the facility


    All user groups must nominate a ‘person-in-charge’ who must attend the facility induction, which outlines expectations of behaviour and emergency procedures. 
    A YMCA staff member will supervise and liaise with the ‘person-in-charge’ during the ‘hire period’. 
    A ratio of 1 person in charge to 100 patrons applies. Any amount between 100-150 patrons will require a second person in charge with a cost to the facility hirer.
    If the hirer has been found having more than the amount told, patrons will be asked to leave the premises. If this does not happen, the facility hire and bond will be forfeited and everyone will be asked to leave the premises.
    The facility must be maintained in a safe condition at all times.
    Any incidents involving first aid must be reported to the YMCA staff member. First aid facilities are available to all hirers.
    All pool activities will be supervised by YMCA LIFEGUARDS within 1:50 contract required ratio.

    Set up & clean up

    Set up & clean up must be included in the ‘hire period’.
    The tables & chairs must be set up and packed away in the designated storage areas by the hirer.

    Insurance and Liability

    All hires must maintain a public liability policy of insurance for the amount of not less than $5 million for each and every occurrence, unlimited during the ‘hire period’.
    Hirers must provide the YMCA with a copy of a certificate of currency or cover note on the above public liability policy of insurance. 
    The Hirer must indemnify the Principal from and against all actions, claims, penalties, demands, costs, expenses or damages in any way related to any act or omission of the YMCA or of any person acting on the YMCA’s behalf in respect to the use of services and facilities of the Centre.

    Expectations of behaviour

    All functions must finish prior to Close (Facility Bookings: Mon – Thurs 9:00pm, Fri – 8:00pm Sat & Sun 7:00pm, Pool Bookings: Mon – Fri 7:30pm, Sat & Sun 6:30pm. Clean up time must not extend past your ‘hire period’. When leaving the Centre please respect our neighbours and leave quietly. 
    Food and drink will not be permitted in the Stadium.
    Use of sports equipment, other than goals or rings is not included in stadium hire. Groups must provide their own balls, racquets, bats etc.
    Smoking is not permitted at any YMCA facility.
    Alcohol will not be permitted at the venue. There will be a 0% Alcohol tolerance. Any persons found in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.
    Any person found to be under the influence of drugs/ alcohol will not be allowed entry into the facility
    Equipment must be maintained in good condition. Replacement of equipment damaged through misuse will be the responsibility of the hirer. 
    No posters or other material is to be placed on the walls at the centre at any point in time. 
    There is no public WiFi access at the centre. If you require use of internet during your booking we recommend bringing in a portable modem as access to the Kensington CRC internet will not be granted under any circumstances. 
    The facility encourages access to all groups. Any individual or group, which through their behaviour limits the enjoyment of other users, will be asked to leave the facility. 
    Animals (with the exception of registered guide dogs) may not enter the facility. 
    Children UNDER the age of 12 years must be actively supervised by a person 17 years or older. Children must be contained within the area that is hired and not roaming around the centre unsupervised. Failure to do so can result in immediate cancellation of current & future bookings.


    The full bond amount is to be paid within 5 days of the booking being made.
    Bookings must be given not less than two weeks in advance. 
    If cancellation of Rental is within 4 weeks, a 20% Administration fee will be taken from the Bond
    If cancellation of Rental is within 2 weeks, the Bond will not be returned
    The bond will not be returned if you have not filled out a Refund Form / Bank Account Details form within 1 month of the Facility Hire.
    The bond will be forfeited for any of the following reasons: 
    If any damage to the ‘facility’ occurs at the fault of the hirer
    If floors require dry-cleaning
    If event runs for longer than the ‘period of hire’
    The bond will be returned within 14 days of the end of the month if all requirements are satisfactorily met.
    A staff member will be on duty during the ‘hire period’ and will inspect the facility prior to and after the event.
    Cheques can to be made payable to Kensington Community Recreation Centre. 
    EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities are available at the Centre.


    All user groups are responsible for cleaning the facility during the ‘hire period’.
    Any equipment must be cleaned and put away.
    All foodstuffs are to be removed.
    Rubbish bins are to be emptied into large bin outside.
    Floors must be vacuumed and mopped.
    Cleaning is classed inside the ‘hire period’. You are not allowed to extend pass the ‘hire period’ to clean the facility, this must be done during your ‘hire period’.
    If venue is left in an unacceptable condition, contract cleaners will be employed and the hirer will incur all costs associated with this. You are supplied with a vacuum cleaner to assist with your cleaning process within the booking time.

    Marketing & Fundraising

    The Manager must approve all promotional material and fundraising activities occurring within the Centre. 
    The sale of items by the user groups to act, as fundraising is acceptable to management as long as it does not directly compete against the Centre. 
    The facility may provide generic information to customers on user groups. 

    Priority of bookings

    Priority will be given to bookings according to the following:
    International Events; National Events; State Events; Regional Events; Casual Hirers.
    Hirers will be given advance notice of these events so that disruptions to normal programs are minimised.

    During an Emergency

    All participants and guardians are to follow the directions of the Duty Manager and YMCA staff.

    Cancellation of Booking

    For cancellation of booking as either a one off session, or the remainder of their booking, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice must be given in writing to the Program Director. If at least 48 hours has not been given or hirer fails to attend their booking, fees will be charged accordingly. 

    Hire Fee

    Hire fees are calculated on a financial year basis. Fees charged may be changed at the end of each financial year in accordance with Council recommendations. These changes (increase or decrease) will be changed in accordance to these recommendations from the 1st July each year. 

    Medical Conditions of Participants

    Details of issues (medical or otherwise), that may impact on a participant’s involvement in an activity or learning environment should be discussed and detailed to YMCA staff.   Disclosed information is treated with confidentiality & is subject to privacy legislation requirements.

    Provision of First Aid

    YMCA will provide first aid assistance to all participants.  All first aid incidents must be reported to YMCA staff immediately.


    I, the undersigned, approve of the above application of behalf of the hirer, and in doing so agree that the YMCA and it’s officers, leaders, staff and agents shall be released from, and not incur, any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any accidents or injuries, or for any damage to or loss of property to the hirer or persons associated with the hirer. I further authorize you to obtain medical, and/or ambulance assistance in the case of an accident or emergency involving the hirer or persons associated with the hirer and I agree that the hirer or persons associated with the hirer will bear all costs thereby incurred.

  • Stadium Terms and Conditions
    • All staff directions and signage must be strictly adhered to
    • Current restrictions now allow for all ages to participate in contact community sport.
    • Face masks must be worn at all times for those aged 12 years and above. Where exercise is strenuous face masks can be removed. Coaches/Parents/Guardians should maintain wearing a face mask at all times.
    • Participants are not to attend the stadium if they are unwell or have any symptoms of the virus i.e. Fever, headache, and cough.
    • Participants are not to attend the stadium if they have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
    • Equipment must be cleaned prior to use and after use.
    • Equipment (inc balls) will not be available for hire.
    • Participants must bring their own water bottle
    • Participants must maintain social distancing when entering the facility, follow directional signage and leave as soon as their session is complete, and equipment cleaned and put away if applicable.
    • Change Rooms including toilets and showers will be open however, have strict capacity limits.
    • Only one parent/guardian/carer per child, where parental supervision is required.